Monday, July 26, 2010

Pictures and Commentary: The before pictures part 1

Hullo, Ally here.

This is my first bit of "Before" pictures, and my loving respectful commentary of the whole schebang. And by loving and respectful I mean sarcastic and brutally honest. Because that's the best way to be loving and respectful, imho. *grins evilly*

Mum, if you are reading this, get back to cleaning.

The Office

Here you can see the clutter of the office. It's been this way for months. Phil does not look impressed. I would like to say now that I refuse to move that book shelf, because during the last time she attempted to clean I had to move the darn thing twice. Not doing that again.

The desk. Nothing too horrible in this picture, except for Phil's chair. Lack of vacuuming is an issue. I forgot to grab that Happy Hooker book. Mum wants a hat for her birthday. That's the lovely lady herself, already hard at work.

If that box of trash is still there when I come over next week, I am taking a clearer picture of it. That should not be in an office.

The Bathroom

Uhhh... yeah. Words cannot describe that toilet.

So here's another picture. Maybe I should put a warning at the beginning of this post.

Stupid lighting, you can't see all the dirt. Next week I'm using the flash. It's not as bad as the bathtub, but still needs lots of cleaner and elbow grease.

The Hallway and Upstairs-stairs

I should have taken a closer picture of everything, but I know there is a pile of swept up dirt that hasn't been cleared for a month around here somewhere. The entire hallway needs to be swept and mopped, because Phil leaves hair everywhere. And mum wears her shoes inside the house. (Totally a pet peeve).

This reminds me I forgot to take pictures of the downstairs closet. I'll do that in a bit, but God only knows what's in this cupboard (and the other side too). Needs to be organized, and lots of stuff probably chucked out. (She's had that paint by number set for at least ten years).

Reason behind shoes in the house, at least for me. This is an improvement over what it was before I ripped up the carpet

Stairs. Notice the cat fluff everywhere. And yes, that is the kitty box.

So that's the upstairs, tomorrow I'll post the downstairs and *gulp* the basement. If you were severely grossed out by this update, I suggest you halt your reading of this blog right now. Truly. You have been warned.


p.s. Mum, have you cleaned anything yet?

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