Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Too Damn Hot!

Despite the fact that I was born in summer, I am not a summer person. I don't really like super hot weather--I'm much happier in the fall or even the winter, when the air is cool (or even freezing cold!) and the sky is blue, blue, blue. It rained yesterday, so the air is a little cooler, but it's super humid, which kind of destroys any benefit I might have felt from the cooler temperatures.

And this is a problem, because today's the day we finally rented a truck to get rid of some stuff. I got my new sofa delivered (cost of sofa=$12.50, cost of delivery=$19.95+mileage+gas), and we put the old sofa and chair on the truck and they're gone, gone, gone!

While the guys (ex and eldest son) delivered said old sofa and chair to the dump, I took the time to sweep and wash walls and set things in order, and now I have a living room that I'm actually willing to allow my friends to see! I may even invite someone over for a movie night, although the friend I want to invite has a better sofa and a big screen HDTV. So maybe we'll do the movie night at her house... :p

Anyhow, I've been trying and not succeeding to fall behind this past week. The kitchen's a disaster, because it's been too hot to do anything but hide in my office. The bedroom is fine, because I have a big fan in there and it's keeping it cool enough so that I at least can make my bed and throw the laundry in the basket. Bathroom's fine except the garbage, but it's "that time of month" again. I'm fifty now--when oh when will it ever end?

The office isn't much better than it was, but at least it's not worse. I cleaned off my desk (a weekly maintenance thing I'm going to have to do), and I've put my Sims games in order on the shelf. So little by little, things are improving.

Once the guys are back from the dump, I'm going to take the big blue bag of pop cans and a couple of boxes of paper to the church for recycling, which will make things just a wee bit cleaner. One step at a time...

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