Friday, August 13, 2010

Yes, I have made some progress this week!

I've been bad about not posting this past week, but progress continues on the cleaning front.

1) The dining room is now a lot cleaner. Still have to scrub the floors, organize the pantry and remove a bit of stuff that doesn't belong there, but I got a lot of junk out of there, and the dining room table is clear, with a clean (!) table cloth and place mats. It's a much more pleasant atmosphere to eat in, which means that I have been eating in the dining room, and not at my desk or a restaurant.

2) I started on my office tonight. Basically, I cleared junk out from the closet, where I want to put the bookshelf. I swept the dust and cat hair out of there (I took an allergy pill first, so it wasn't a killer session). I dusted off the bookshelf. I put all that dust and dirt in a box with some of the greeblies from the floor. It will have to be sorted (there's some stuff in there that belongs in the blue bag, and the rest can go in the clear bag) before I can throw it out. I then started pulling the piles of books out of the junk. I sorted the books as I shelved them. First into keepers, garage sale (there will be one coming up in two weeks), and recycling. Yes, I'm actually throwing books away! I can hear a collective gasp from my writer friends, I know, but the truth is that some books are simply too out of date, too worn out to be resold or given away. And some of the books that I threw out should never have been published in the first place, but that's another story...

After I got all the books sorted and on the shelf, I put the remaining boxes against the window as neatly as they would go. I'm going to start sorting those tomorrow, one or two boxes every day. I should be done in good time for the garage sale!

3) Of course, I've been doing other stuff than cleaning. I had a job interview on Wednesday that went very well, but I won't know until the 25th at the earliest, so I applied for three more jobs, all in my field for a change. Also heard back from two of the places I'd applied previously. They were both rejections, but one of the emails I got was very encouraging--they would have interviewed me for sure if they hadn't already filled the position. So I'm definitely going to keep looking in my field (church ministry). Somewhere out there is the perfect church for me!

I've also been managing to keep up with the maintenance work. Laundry for this week is all clean and put away, dishes are done except for the most recent ones, bathroom is still cean. So all in all, I'm making very positive progress towards my goal of having a clean and livable house!

Ally's been busy too. She took a lot of picutures last week, but didn't get them posted. Instead, she spent a lot of her time babysitting the grandchildren of a friend of mine, and painting her younger brother's room. It's not entirely altruisting, that last--now I have to take down the Harry Potter standee from my living room, and put it up in her brother's room.

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